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Here in northern Virginia, we get our fair share of bad weather and fixing storm damage is just what Home Design Elements does best. From Hurricane Isabella to the blizzards of 2009-10 to Spring, Summer and Fall thunder storms. Getting roof or storm repairs in northern Virginia is a common occurrence! The roof on your home has several components and each one is vulnerable to different types of wear and tear.

Shingles – this is the most obvious part of a roof and one of the more likely places to get damaged by a storm. High winds can often blow individual, or small sections of roofing material away. In particular, if the shingles are older and the nails and adhesives have weathered, you may see some missing patches after a bad storm. Hail can also damage shingles.

What most people don’t know is that with an older roof, it may be necessary (and make most sense) to replace the entire roof, rather than replace a small patch of shingles. Matching becomes an issue after a few years and often, a patch is just prolonging the inevitable.

Don’t forget! With storm damage, your insurance company will often cover the cost! Home Design Elements has handled literally hundreds (thousands?) of roofing repair and replacement jobs and we’ve worked with insurance companies on many of them. Trust us to get it done for you.